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4 * 1 Stroller – Fuchsia


This gorgeous next-generation car seat turns from a 0+ car seat into a compact car! Ideal for going out and going in with the baby, which means there is no need for a travel system frame in the trunk.The next generation is the next generation of baby car seats that combine the highest safety standards and a revolutionary integrated travel system that has already won many industry awards.Ideal for today’s busy parents, the next generation outperforms all safety standards in its primary function as a car seat and when converting with a single click of a stroller.Thanks to the deep dual protection from bumper side walls, orthopedic interior, and anti-recoil technology, the next generation is also larger than most of its peers which means your child can stay in the safest position of your car seat for a longer period.It can be easily attached with a three-point seat belt, and the next generation can also be fixed with the next generation ISOfix base (sold separately) for added safety and convenience.The next generation is the first baby car seat in the world with integrated wheels, which means that in less than ten seconds you can get out of your car with your precious baby on your way safely and in style.Whether you enter the gas station, pick up latte coffee, go to the supermarket to get some fresh milk, or travel across the airport, the next generation is truly the next generation in transporting parents and children.Available with a full range of accessories from rain covers to matching necessities and changing bags all day, the next generation is the world’s first car seat that offers elegance, comfort, mobility and safety in a single package.

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  • The only car seat with built-in wheels
  • Easy easy fold
  • Integrated storage
  • One-touch brakes
  • Suspension chassis for a smoother ride
  • Swivel wheels
  • Inner pillow designed for the bones
  • Anti-bacterial inner pillow, anti-allergic with moisture and thermoregulation
  • Rocking function
  • Includes seat protector
  • Weight only 7 kg



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