Baby Rechargeable Nail Sharpener


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Rechargeable nail polisher:

1. Rechargeable battery, TYPE-C interface

2. Second gear mode (younger gear, adult high speed gear)

3. New generation intelligent induction chip. If the resistance is too high, the car will yellow and stop to protect against skin abrasion (low speed only)

4. New patented designed grinding head, new ergonomic design parameter: 1. Voltage: 2.4V 2. Battery type and capacity: 400mAh nickel madden hydride battery (200mAh*2) 3. Charging interface USB Type C, suitable for mobile phone charger/power bank 4. Designed for sea charging on one charging package: 1. Host*1 2. Grinding head*6 3. USB TYPE-C charging cable (15cm long)*1


Blue, Emerald, pink, white, Yellow


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Baby Rechargeable Nail Sharpener
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