Baby Toy Car Multi Functional (ORANGE)


– Walker, Toy Car & Scooter to learn your child walking & balancing.
– Baby Toy Car 3×1 to learn & entertain your child in different ages.
– Slidable handle for easy adjusting for the use & the height of your child.
– Smooth design, High Quality material to keep your child safe.
– Funny shape, cheerful colors to Amuse your child.
– Music, Multiple Tones to cheer up your child.
– Led Lighting in multiple colors to attract your child.

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– Baby Toy Car 3×1 is the best choice to learn your child walking & balancing in a funny & entertaining way.
– Walker to help your child to learn walking in a new & funny way & to improve your child’s sensory & physically skills.
– Works on strengthen your child’s leg muscles by depending on child’s standing straight while walk learning.
– The ease of adjusting the walker into a car or scooter makes it funny & helpful & makes you get the maximum use of it effectively according to your child’s age.
– Slidable handle for easy adjusting depending on the use & the height of your child to give him the support while using & help him to balance.
– Baby Toy Car is made of reinforced plastic in a smooth design & funny details for your child & high quality martials for your child’s safety.
– Funny shape & cheerful colors, Multiple coloring led lightning, Music & multiple tones ensures a funny time for your child while doing your home tasks with comfort.

Suitable age: from 12 to 24 months, Bears up to 15 Kg or more depending on your child.

Weight: 2,80 KG, very light & small which makes it easy to take it with you while shopping & traveling.

Delivering: 1-5 work days according to the city.

Our aftersales service will be with you 24 hours / 7 days a week for life time to help you and answers all your questions.


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Baby Toy Car Multi Functional (ORANGE)
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