Burbay Stroller 3×1


3 * 1 burbay Stroller
Stroller, karst and suitcase
Advantages of Strollers:
Five seat belt + safety barrier in front of the child
3 levels for back (bed, chaise longue, and chair)
Padded for comfort
Tend it to protect the child from the sun
Shock absorbing auxiliaries + front and rear brakes
Baby window mesh window + back pocket for your essentials
4 degrees of hand movement
A place at the bottom of the cart for your supplies
Baby footrest
Characteristics of the cassette:
The possibility of installing it in the cart
Padded for baby comfort
Triple safety seat belt seals
Tend it to protect the child from the sun
Light and durable
It can be used as a rocking bouncer or a carry cot

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Burbay stroller is a must-have for you and your kid if you go out regularly shopping. It ensures complete safety and comfort for your baby as it provides the baby a 3 position seat recline feature for sleeping, relaxing, and sitting. It comes with 5 seat belts for more safety. With 360-degree front wheel rotation with a lock and rear-wheel link, brakes make it ideal to use outside. It provides you with a storage pocket to keep your essential supplies while riding out. It can be used as a carrycot for your baby. The stroller is provided with a car seat for more safety for your kid while hanging out or traveling long distances.


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Burbay Stroller 3×1
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