Cool Baby Portable Travel Baby Bed (Olive Green)


* Portable bed with multiple functions for you & your child’s comfort.
* Distinctive shape, Mosquito net, easy to open & close for ease of use.
* Bed has 2 Levels for more comfort & safety.
* An easy-to-clean baby changing unit with pockets for baby’s care time.
* Easy to store in its own bag to move it easily.

* Can be a Rocker bed for a faster sleep or fixed as desirable.
* Musical bed bell Toys to amuse your child & makes him sleep faster.
* Mesh sides for good airing & let the baby sees you all the time.

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Cool baby Portable Travel Bed with Mosquito Net
– The Distinctive design of the bed makes it easy on mother to deal with her baby without any disturbance.
– Very lite, provided with 2 wheels with brakes for easy movement inside the house & 2 fixed legs for more stability.
– Bed has 2 levels:
* Newborn level for easy access to the baby & putting him to sleep in an easy & comfort way.
* Child level in a lower position to ensure safety while playing or not being around the child.
– The possibility of being a Rocker bed makes it easy & useful for faster sleep for your child & beside the use as a fixed bed as the mother’s desire.
– An easy-to-clean baby changing unit helps mother while changing for her child in an easy & comfort way.
– Baby changing unit has side pockets to store dippers & baby’s skin care products.
– Musical bed bell Toys helps to improve your baby’s sensory skills in a funny way & helps him sleeps quietly & comfortably.
– Easy to store in its bag which enables you to move with from place to another easily.
– Side pocket to put baby essentials & supplies.
– Area under the bed while using 1ST level to store child’s toys.
– Mesh sides for good airing & let the baby sees you all the time & makes it easy to check on him.
– Mesh side on the side has a zipper to make it easy for your toddler to access to the bed while playing.
– Mosquito net to protect the child from insects.
Suitable age: from 0 day to 4 years old, Bears up to 20 Kg or more.
* Length (110) * Width (77) * Height (85) CM.
* Small storage area needed 28*28*80 CM.

Warranty: 1 Year against manufacturing defects.

Delivering: 1-5 workdays according to the city.

Our aftersales service will be with you 24 hours / 7 days a week for lifetime to help you and answers all your questions.


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Cool Baby Portable Travel Baby Bed (Olive Green)
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