Amusement Musical Bed Park (Mint Green)


* Calm and comfort sleep for your little dreamer.
* Improves your child’s Audio & visual skills.
* Soothing melodies, soft lights and cute characters.
* Volume & Timing control by remote control.
* Detachable characters for more fun.
* English story for faster & comfort sleep.
* could be installed to any bed.

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– Calm and comfort your little dreamer while sleeping with bed bell with the amusement park for more fun .
– Soothing melodies, spinning colorful characters & soft lights improves your child’s Audio & visual skills.
– Controlling Volume & Timing with remote control makes it easy to adjust the sound to fit your child’s sleep.
– Detachable characters which could be removed from the park and play with it separately for more fun.
– English story telling for faster & comfort sleep and also makes your child learns different English words.
– Amusement Musical Bed Park will help you to entertain your child in his own bed & getting used to sleep in a separate bed.
– Cheerful colors, characters & sound will help you to adapt your child on not being carried all the time.

Suitable age: from 0 day to above.

Delivering: 1-5 work days according to the city.

Our aftersales service will be with you 24 hours / 7 days a week for life time to help you and answers all your questions.


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Amusement Musical Bed Park (Mint Green)
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