Wooden Baby Bed Offers (Foldable Big Size)


* Bed is made smoothly for the comfort & enjoyment of your child’s sleep.
* Bed made of Romanian Beech Wood to ensure child’s safety & security.
* Bed has 2 Levels for more comfort & safety.
* Possibility of attaching to the mother’s beds for easy child’s reassurance.
* The possibility of folding makes it so practical for ease of use & storage.
Offers Available:
1- Bed + Mattress
2- Bed + Mattress + Fiber-Lined sides, sheet & Pillow
3- Bed + Mattress + Fiber-Lined sides, sheet & Pillow + Wheels
4- Bed + Mattress + Fiber-Lined sides, sheet & Pillow + Wheels + Musical Bed Toys

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  • Description of the bed:
    * A slidable side for easy attaching to mother’s bed to be able to check on your baby constantly.
    * Bed has 2 levels:
    – Newborn level for easy access to the baby & putting him to sleep in an easy & comfort way.
    – Child level in a lower position to ensure safety while playing or not being around the child.
    * Safety lock to ensure your child’s safety.
    * Bed is made of Romanian Beech Wood, which is characterized by durability & hardness to bear & suit your child at different ages.
    * Bed bears weights up to 150 KG.
    * Foldable for easy use, move & storage.
    * Could be used as a sofa when your child doesn’t need it anymore.
    * The flexible design makes the bed easy to be fold, slide or attach to mother’s bed so she can get the maximum use of it in an easy & comfort way.

Dimensions of the bed:
Length (120) * Width (70) * Height (85) CM.
* Bed height when attached to mother’s bed: 59 CM.
* Suitable for newborn baby till 5 years old child (depending on child’s height)

Warranty: 5 Years against manufacturing defects.

Delivering: 5-7 workdays according to the city.

Our aftersales service will be with you 24 hours / 7 days a week for lifetime to help you and answers all your questions.


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Bed offers

Bed + Mattress, Bed + Mattress + Fiber Sides, Bed + Mattress + Fiber Sides + Wheels, Bed + Mattress + Fiber sides + Wheels + Giraffe Musical Bed Toys


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Wooden Baby Bed Offers (Foldable Big Size)
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