Belecoo – Fold-To-Half Luxury 3-In-1 Travel System – Light Gray

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  • Experience effortless outings with the Belecoo Fold-To-Half 3-In-1 Travel System, where practical design seamlessly combines with comfort, protection, and safety for your little one on every journey, whether it’s a stroll down the street, a road trip, or in varying climates.

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The Belecoo Fold-To-Half 3-In-1 Travel System offers a versatile and convenient solution for both parents, serving as a stroller, infant car seat, and summer sleeping mat.


1) ERGONOMIC CONTROL: The fully adjustable backrest and reversible stroller seat cater to your little one’s preferences.

2) Safety First: Rubber wheels and pedal brakes ensure secure movement, even on challenging terrains.

3) Versatile Handle: Easily control the handle’s height for enhanced comfort while pushing the cart.

4) Weather Protection: Equipped with a adjustable canopy, providing protection from various weather conditions.

5) Practical Design: Steel frames ensure easy folding, and pushchair buttons facilitate effortless movement.

6) Eco-friendly: Crafted from eco-friendly linen fabric, offering a comfortable haven for your child.

7) Sturdy Structure: The aluminum metal body ensures durability and a long lifespan.

8) Different Ages: Suitable for babies from 1 day to 36 months old, with the stroller seat adjustable at three inclines for various uses.

9) Easy to Move: Durable rubber wheels provide easy and comfortable control while in motion.

10) Great Appearance: The stroller seat’s wonderful design not only enhances aesthetics but also promotes better health for your child as it rises higher, allowing more air circulation.

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Belecoo – Fold-To-Half Luxury 3-In-1 Travel System – Light Gray
EGP9,350.00 Original price was: EGP9,350.00.EGP8,799.00Current price is: EGP8,799.00.
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