Foldable Burbay stroller k3 (blackish green)

Original price was: EGP6,000.00.Current price is: EGP5,500.00.

This foldable stroller offers superior comfort and convenience for both you and your baby, making every outing a breeze. Start enjoying stress-free outings with your little one!

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*The back with 3 levels of tilt for your baby’s deep sleep.

*Reversable handle to push the stroller from any side.

*Springs to decrease the load on the wheels.

*Storage unit to put your baby’s items.

*Multiple leg levels for your baby’s comfort.

*Mesh window to keep an eye on your baby while your movement.

*Stabilizer for the front wheels.

*Central brakes for the back wheels.

*Designed to be easy folded.

*On closing the handle is converted to a stroller for easy movement.

*Back pocket to place your mobile .

*Safety belt with five locks to be reassured on your baby.

*Leg cover to protect your baby’s leg from the wind.

*Waterproof underlay.

*Protect your child from insects with the mosquito net 

*very elegant Italian design.

*Light insulator cover.




52*23*71 cm


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Foldable Burbay stroller k3 (blackish green)
EGP6,000.00 Original price was: EGP6,000.00.EGP5,500.00Current price is: EGP5,500.00.
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