Baby Grooming Kit Set 13 PCS

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Enjoy motherhood with our 13-piece baby care set. Carefully designed for organization, comfort, and safety, it makes caring for your child easy. The pieces are arranged for a simple and efficient routine, ensuring you can pamper your little one with ease and comfort.

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Enjoy the motherhood journey with our comprehensive baby care set – meticulously crafted from 13 assorted pieces to ensure you have everything your little one needs for comfort and hygiene.

1) Organization and Comfort: The set is cleverly divided to keep your baby’s essentials in perfect order, making the care routine easy and effective.

2) Temperature Measurement: A dedicated thermometer accurately measures water temperature to ensure your baby’s comfort during bath time.

3) Grooming Essentials: Clippers, scissors, and a file for easy nail cutting and trimming, while tweezers guarantee the best experience for your baby.

4) Oral and Nasal Care: A silicone brush for your baby’s gums, while the nasal aspirator keeps your baby’s nose clean at all times.

5) Health Monitoring: Use the ear-nose speculum and pen-follower, along with the included spoon and medication dropper, for precise dosing accuracy. Additionally, a dedicated thermometer helps monitor your baby’s temperature.

6) Scalp Massage: The round-toothed comb is designed to provide a soothing and circulation-enhancing scalp massage for your baby.

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Baby Grooming Kit Set 13 PCS
EGP425.00 Original price was: EGP425.00.EGP399.00Current price is: EGP399.00.
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